Why is upskilling and reskilling necessary in the present day? 

With the advancing technology and changing industries, it is not easy to remain in the competition without upskilling or reskilling yourself. In the future, there will be a division of work between machines and humans. Also, around 97 million new job roles will be created. So, those who reskill will be able to survive this era. Even the organizations should encourage their employers to upskill themselves. You can create a structured career path and work on the skills that you lack. So, let’s understand what upskilling and reskilling mean. Both upskilling and reskilling are effective ways to reduce the skill gap. 


Upskilling means adding more skills to your skill set and learning something to fill the knowledge gap. Teachers, corporate employees, and technical workers always need to upskill themselves from time to time using online courses platform


Reskilling means training existing and new workers to do a different jobs. Almost 50 percent of the employees will need reskilling by 2025 as the new technology is introduced everywhere. Basically, reskilling means learning an adjacent skill to fit another job role. 

Here are some of the reasons why upskilling and reskilling are necessary for the present day. 

Increase productivity 

Productivity of employees matters the most when it comes to increasing profit in less time. So, companies are investing in upskilling their employees to achieve targets sooner. Upskilled workers come up with great ideas and solutions, take up challenging tasks, and contribute to the team’s success.  

Make an ideal career 

If you want to succeed in life and get promoted, you will require the latest skills. So, upskilling and reskilling are a must to become a valuable employee. You can get decent job opportunities only if you have a skill set that cannot be replaced easily. Hence, always keep learning no matter in whatever position you are in. Many websites that create online courses offer soft skill courses like personality development, communication, time management, email marketing, etc. You can take advantage of these courses to build your ideal career. 

Makes your work life easier 

Do you feel like you are lagging behind your peers at your workplace? If you feel stuck while working, upskilling can help you overcome this barrier. Learning new skills can help you complete your tasks effectively in less time. You will start liking your job and will be satisfied once you get recognition for working hard. 

Development at personal and professional levels 

A study has shown that people who keep learning have fewer chances of developing dementia. Learning new skills can help you achieve personal as well as professional fulfillment. You can learn these skills in a few hours or months if you want. 

Get Promoted

You should understand that upskilling and reskilling can be the key to your promotion. Employees need to prove their worth by giving desired results. It is possible only if you work on learning new skills and implementing your knowledge. It was evident in the pandemic era when many people worked on improving their skills and now are placed in a good place. 

Find your passion 

If you are not afraid of exploring and learning, then this world is yours. When work from home started during Covid-19, many people started taking lessons in cooking, technical skills, freelancing, and other fields. Many people were able to find the thing they were passionate about. So, if you want to find your passion, keep upskilling yourself and trying different things. 

How to upskill yourself? 

Now, you must be wondering how I can learn by myself and what are the resources needed. Here are some of the ways to upskill yourself and become an asset to your company. 


If you have a long-term goal and want to learn steadily, then coaching is the best way to upskill yourself. Also, coaches are specialized in teaching something and can help you reach your highest potential. 

Online courses 

Now you can learn any skill just by sitting at your home. Many virtual platforms offer courses for different skills. So, you can sign up for that and learn whenever or whatever you want. 


You can find a mentor who is experienced in the skill you want to learn. The mentor doesn’t have to be older than you or above your pay grade. They can be anyone depending on what skill you want to learn. 

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