What is a trading ea? — review 

The use of special software in dealing is becoming so popular that there are already special training courses on the Internet, telling about how to create self-automatic dealing systems, and how to optimize their use. Today, about half of all transactions in the world, both in the foreign exchange and stock marketplace, are made with the help and active participation of trade advisers. And their use is quite justified for many reasons. You can’t say that the robot has no errors. After all, it is also the result of human work.

Experienced and established speculators are more likely to be conservative about such innovations. This does not necessarily apply to everyone. But, taught by the initial experience of losing a deposit, such dealers will not risk their accounts again. In contrast, novice dealers rely more on dealing with robots, as they are well aware that they are far from possessing excellent skills, and want to have a profit now and, and immediately.

A dealer who has been dealing for several years is accustomed to seeing profit opportunities in financial marketplaces. And of course, he learned to take advantage of the marketplace opportunities that arise for profit. At the same time, such an experienced dealer sees the situation on different dealing instruments, and at different time intervals.

And so he can always take advantage of the opportunity on any of the stock marketplace contracts. Or it trades some instruments on currency pairs, which are most easily analyzed at the moment. 

In any case, the experience will not leave the dealer without work and food. But still, the person remains a person. And even when it is possible to analyze and trade, it is not always possible to trade profitably.

And it is in such cases that Trading ea can be useful, which will be present as one of the elements of dealing strategy. But to rely entirely on the actions of a dealing robot is unlikely to be any self-respecting dealer. After all, the operation of the automatic system is justified by many factors, and the interaction of all of them depends on successful automatic dealing. If the Internet suddenly disappears at the moment of dealing, some of the transactions may likely be unprofitable. In addition, other factors may affect. Therefore, it is unwise to rely entirely on dealing systems. 

In the case of beginner dealers trading robots, the situation is somewhat different. First of all, the purpose of using trading advisers among beginning dealers is to make a profit because it is impossible to do it on their own. The second reason is that it is in the process of acquiring trade skills that beginners always need support and confirmation of their calculations.

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