Whether it is binge-watching with the best buddies or spending a quality time with family members, the latest movies can always contribute in the best way. But, when there are endless collections of oldest and new releases on one platform, the enjoyment steps on to the next level.

One such site with a vast collection of all kinds of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, and Mollywood movies is uWatchFree. As the name refers, it is a free site that allows access to stream and downloads all kinds of movies.

About uWatchFree

The name uWatchFree is quite popular among the netizens as it crushed the entertainment market since its release in 2012. You can find any movie you name on this site with the most intuitive and reliable search engine. Thus, it comes in pretty handy with readily available options at your fingertips.

One of the best things about uWatchFree is that it provides high-definition video ranging up to 1080p which is pretty impressive for a free site. The incredible quality of every movie was one of the main reasons why people chose this site over other paid platforms available on the go.

t was on the air that the site has the origin of Pakistan but since the extensions change continuously, there is no official record yet. Being a popular piracy site, even the telecom regulatory authority of India was after it for several years.

The reason behind the immense popularity

The database of uWatchFree is so vast that one could easily find a movie in a user-friendly interface. Besides, the site also provided a ton of customization when downloading a movie. For an instance, one can choose from different sizes of a single movie at ease.

Not only this but a smart search engine is also complemented with an incredible categorization feature. Thus, one can choose the movie from different genres as well. Additionally, the site is fully optimized with a great download speed to provide a flawless user experience.

On the other hand, one can reach the movie by just typing the actor’s name. Such a feature is not quite common in every piracy site available on the internet these days.

Apart from the quality and performance, uWatchFree displayed only a few ads to ensure less possible interruption while downloading the movie. The commercials appearing on this site are way lesser than that of many renowned active sites now.

Last but not least, one can also request a movie if it is not present in the database. A separate request section is possible on the site for this action. Thus, there is no doubt that the web owners are looking forward to the feedbacks as the requested movie appears with a notification on the given email id sooner or later.

Is it legal?

Although the website is meant to provide the best user experience with a vast database for free of cost, piracy content is never legal.

It is a type of infringement that includes both the owners and viewers in the act. Likewise, the moviemakers who spend years of their lives thinking about the movie and put all their efforts into pre-production, direction, and making

Although the telecom authorities are trying their best to stop such sites, the loopholes in search engine help them appear again and again. Besides, there are tons of mirror sites to this popular site due to which the popularity of it never reduces.

There are many other sites used as an alternative to uWatchFree and those have more fan base as well. But, the top-notch quality and intuitive user interface of this site made every other site outdated to a great extent.


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