Using Pepperstone MT4 For Trading: A Guide For Beginners

Pepperstone is a popular online broker from Australia. Mostly known for its Forex trading features and attractive trading conditions, Pepperstone allows traders to choose between various trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader. While all of them are extremely useful, MT4 is the one that’s especially widely used by novice Forex traders. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a brief overview of the platform for beginners.

About Pepperstone

Pepperstone was created in 2010 by a team of ex-traders who were unsatisfied with the quality of any other brokerage services at that time. Their primary goal was to make a platform that would provide a wide array of trading tools and quick execution of orders while keeping the commissions low. Actually, they were successful, and Pepperstone is one of the leading international brokers now that attracts all kinds of users from complete beginners who want to learn the basics to experienced margin traders.

MT4 versions

There are several versions of Pepperstone MT4 available. Many beginners prefer the mobile version: it features all the most useful instruments, and you can use the version to check your orders or simply read news right on the go. The app makes trading extremely easy: you can literally manage the funds in your account with a couple of taps. However, the majority of traders prefer the desktop version: it is perfect for professional trading, and there are all kinds of analytics, indicators, and other tools there.

However, there is also a web version that can be accessed from any device. It has a simple interface, but the application features advanced technical analysis tools, news, analytics, and so on. Stable and secure, the web version of MT4 is a great platform for trading currency pairs or any other assets. This version doesn’t support some add-ons, but there are more than enough useful tools for novice traders who don’t really need too complex instruments to make their first profits.

MT4 advantages

The desktop version allows you to install various add-ons to enhance your experience. The platform is easy to use and user-friendly, and you can find lots of guides on how to install and start using it online, so it’s a great option to learn trading. MT4 is also easy to install and set up for trading: just download it and create an account, and the remaining process is intuitive. Moreover, it’s completely free, and MT4 can help you learn how to create your own trading algorithms.

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