Top Three Incredible Methods For Reducing Stress

Nowadays, it’s impossible to go through life and not be stressed. Stress has become a regular part of our everyday lives. It’s as though the idea that we’re human saddles us with certain activities riddled with anxiety. We find stress emanating from our families, spouse, jobs, finances, school, friends, health, weather, neighborhood, environment, etc. Many commitments are competing for your attention; one is always busy running forward and back. This way, stress is inevitable.

Stress can be a good thing; it can become a source of motivation for you to perform better at what you do. It can get you worked up for some time, but eventually, as you fight through it, you will look back and be proud of yourself. In the meantime, however, there are several things you can do to keep the effects of stress at bay. 

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3 Helpful Methods For Dealing With Stress

  1. Cannabinoids 

If you are familiar with the recent trends in alternative medicine, you must know about Cannabinoids and their wonder-working powers. CBD and THC are part of the many cannabinoids in the Hemp plant. When extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant, THC and CBD are potent at relieving pain, stress, and anxiety. The difference between these cannabinoids is that while THC would cause a “high,” CBD would not.

Nevertheless, they are equally potent at reducing stress. A team of researchers found that one puff of cannabis high in CBD and low in THC alleviated signs of depression; two puffs of any cannabis sufficiently reduced anxiety symptoms. In contrast, ten or more breaths of cannabis high in CBD and high in THC generated the most remarkable decline in stress.

The cannabinoids interact with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the central nervous system (CNS). As a result of this interaction, serotonin signals get altered positively, and your sleep, memory, and mood would experience a significant improvement. THC or CBD can be administered in several forms; orally (capsules), sublingually, through vapes, topically (as oils), through injectables, etc. If you are cool with “chew-ables,” CBD and THC Gummies are also available. 

If you prefer not to get high, confirm that your CBD for stress is sold as “broad-spectrum” or “CBD isolate.” This way, you can deal with the stress without getting “high.”

  1. Physical Approach 

Maybe you are not a “drug” person, and you believe in allowing nature to take its cause; well, here are some natural methods for relieving stress.


Everyone should love the sound of that! Often the reason for stress is found in our poor eating habits. You skip breakfast to make it to work on time, skip lunch because work is overwhelming, and eventually, eat just dinner almost daily. 

Poor nutrition will contribute to stress and fatigue and reduce your capacity to work. You probably are too busy to cook as you run from one job to another, and you eventually have to snack throughout the day. So, to reduce your stress levels, ensure you regularly consume a proper meal.

Exercise And Yoga

You are probably wondering, “but I’m not an athlete.” Come on! We all know that exercise is good and helps our body in fantastic ways. The snag is that you’re too busy and stressed to fit it into your routine. We hate to break it to you, but being physically active improves the way the body tackles stress due to the changes in the hormone responses. Your redemption lies in the same exercise routines you have been evading. 


Sleep is a terrific stress reducer. It calms and restores your body, heightens concentration, enhances mood, and improves decision-making. You might find that it’s difficult to fall asleep when you are stressed. Do all you can to get some shut eyes no matter how stressed you are; you will be amazed at the results. If stress has become a regular caller due to your type of work, financial, or family problems, do yourself a favor and sleep regularly. 

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  1. Lifestyle Changes

If you take some time to analyze the conditions stressing you out critically, you could discover that they might be things you can change. Even if you cannot change the situations, you can change your attitude toward them. Lifestyle Changes that you can incorporate include; 

  • Getting a new job or relocating from the neighborhood if you can afford it. No need to remain in a depressing work environment; do it for your mental health. There might be another job offer if you take the time to search.
  • Avoid saying yes when you should have said no. It’s great to want to be superhuman and be there for everybody. If you are already overbooked with lots to do, feel free to say so. People will always have expectations of you, so boldly refute any unrealistic expectations.
  • Do not allow yourself to get defeated before you have even begun. This might sound like a motivational speech, but it isn’t. You would not get very far with an attitude that says, “I am a failure; I’ve always been one.” Try out for promotions, start a new business, get a new date, be positive and watch events unfold in your favor.
  • Avoid toxic relationships that always put you down. Mark those individuals that always put the blame on you and keep your distance from them. Whenever you have done your best, appraise yourself. Stress has hatched when you begin to demean yourself because you wish to impress someone else who doesn’t care.
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Stress levels are necessary for life to bring out the best in us. So, if you are struggling to achieve a goal, wait out the process and employ our tips to deal with it. If, on the other hand, you are suffering stress that can be avoided, do not hesitate to change the status quo.

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