Top 4 Trustworthy Crypto Friendly Banks

Modern cryptocurrencies have come a long way since the appearance of Bitcoin in 2009. They started as just an obscure technical novelty and now turned into a global financial phenomenon that seems to be recognized even by the most reputable financial institutions. However, a lot of traditional banks are still rather skeptical about crypto or prohibited from using it by law, so finding a crypto-friendly one can be quite difficult. That’s why we’re going to help you by providing a list of reputable banks that eagerly work with crypto assets.

How these banks work

Some banks allow you to use various cryptocurrencies for payments in addition to common means of exchange. This way, you can easily switch between crypto and more traditional banking products, and such banks usually have relatively low fees for transactions involving digital currencies. They seem to combine the best of both worlds by being extremely reliable and secure while remaining user-friendly and flexible when it comes to risk management and portfolio diversity. They may be a bit too paranoid about security, but that never hurts in the crypto world.

Alright, it’s time to check out our list of the best crypto friendly banks out there.


Innovative and ambitious, this British fintech startup has conquered the European market by providing its users with easy and convenient means of purchasing BTC through an app. It’s well-known, but the fees Revolut charges are definitely not the lowest on the market: the base fee it charges is 2,5%.


Monzo is a great digital bank located in the UK that allows you to manage your own crypto portfolio in the official app. While many banks have stopped providing access to the crypto market, Monzo stands out by continuing to process crypto payments. It’s also notable for having no fees for its cards.

Ally Bank

This bank is a perfect choice for all crypto enthusiasts from the US. Ally Bank allows you to buy or sell crypto on multiple exchanges, giving you a wide range of assets to choose from. The service quality is also exceptional, and it’s definitely one of the best online banks in the country.

Simple Bank

Another crypto-friendly fintech startup, Simple Bank also comes from the US. It features direct access to crypto exchanges, and there are no limits on transactions. You can use it to buy BTC, ETH, or other tokens with modest fees.See more articles by Ivan Andriyenko here.

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