Best Phone under 13000 – Reviewed by Experts

We’ve had some incredible phone launches of late in sub 13,000 Rs segment. This means its the right time to update our list.

These are the best phones under 13000 in India what we have reviewed.

So, without wasting any time.

Let’s get started:

Best Phone Under 13000 in India [Reviews By Experts]

Redmi Note 9 Pro

I give you guys my experiences and impressions of the phone just keep that price in mind throughout

and I think at the end I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this is stunning value for money alright.

So let’s get the specs out of the way first and what really stands out is that huge 5020 milliamp hour battery, the quad lens camera setup and the fact that we get Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 720 G processor which is kind of an upper mid-range chip but I’ll come back to this in a second.


Why is this really doesn’t feel like your ordinary budget slash affordable phone we get this huge 6.67 inch screen with a center hole punch cutout for the selfie camera and despite a slightly thicker chin and bottom an almost edge to edge screen.

We also get Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back and with this fancy interstellar great model I have here we get this really interesting sort of smokey reflective quality to it.

I actually really like it!

Plus it’s not too bad at picking up smudges or finger prints although it is very slippery so I would recommend a case But fortunately we get one bundle in the box you’ll also be pleased to see that we get a three and a half mil headphone jack on the bottom beside the USB C port and the speaker grille.

Unfortunately we don’t get stereo speakers here.

Now you may be wondering where the fingerprint really is but it’s actually built into the power button so with just a single press you can actually turn it on and login which is pretty handy although you also have the option of using face unlock with a selfie camera if you prefer so far so good.

But what’s it actually like to use well we get Android 10 with Xiaomi’s MIUI 11 software on top.

Well, the first thing I usually do with new phone is turn on dark mode which you’ll find in the display settings then I switch the Android Nav buttons to gestures customization.


My only criticism really is there still loads of pre-installed apps aka below where although it only takes a couple of minutes to hide them in a folder or just uninstall them what I would suggest though is while it’s generally pretty quick to use the animations are quite long so to make everything feel a little bit snappier jump into the about phone settings tap me UI eight times and then in the developer options scroll down and reduce animation times to 0.5 this makes everything feel just a little bit nippy.


Although to be fair I do this with pretty much every Android phone so the Newton line pro packs in six gigs of ram which is plenty and also combined with that Snapdragon 720 G chip it’s actually surprisingly capable firing up some Call of Duty mobile or Mouse fault 9 and it played flawlessly of course we do any have a 60 Hertz screen rather than 90 or 120 but it really goes to show you don’t need to spend a ton of money on a flagship phone to play games well.


Speaking of the screen though we get watch yummy cool dead dot display and while it does use an LCD panel rather than OLED quite honestly you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference it looks great whether you’re watching videos or gaming.


Well this is definitely one of the highlights and here the specs of the quad lens setup including a 64 megapixel F 1.9 main lens.

It does miss out on a telephoto lens although for me the ultra wide is more important so here’s a few shots I’ve taken with the new 9 pro over the last couple of weeks and first of all yes you can turn off that watermark that’s on by default but keeping that 269 pounds right in mind the quality is impressive so in addition to the ultra wide and the main lens we do have the option to zoom in by two times although it’s digital rather than optical also by default the main lens uses a technology called pixel binning to combine 4 pixels into one so we get 16 megapixel photos but there is a mode to shoot in the full 64 megapixel resolution if you prefer to get the highest level of detail the note 9 pro also does a decent job in low-light this is generally where cheaper phones really struggle.

But the good news is we do get a dedicated night mode which longer exposure so here’s a couple of before-and-afters and you can see well sometimes it goes a little overboard on the colors generally it works quite well of reducing blown out highlights and browning up super dark scenes of course it won’t quite compete with flagships that cost four times as much but again for the money I think it’s more than good enough for most of us and then finally around the front we gay 16 megapixel F 2.5 selfie camera but with decent lighting I think it takes a good selfie it’s just a shame about the face so I’m shooting this at 1080p with the rear camera and you can see the quality is pretty good actually and also it is nice and stable there’s not a whole lot of Judaism walking in a fairly brisk pace so it’s doing a good job of stabilizing the video.

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