Pepperstone Options Trading: Can You Trade Them?

While options are pretty useful financial instruments which can be extremely beneficial for your trading portfolio, you have to learn how to use them first. Your experience on the market and trading skills are what matters here, but choosing the right broker is also very important. There are many widely known brokers who don’t allow you to trade options, so you have to be very careful. In this article, we analyze Pepperstone to find out what options trading features the broker offers and what other tools it has.

About Pepperstone

Founded in 2010, Pepperstone is a relatively well-known broker from Australia. While it’s mostly used by traders from Australia and the rest of Asia, it has many users from other countries including the UK and Germany. This popularity is well-deserved: Pepperstone is considered one of the most safe and technologically advanced brokers out there. It’s favored by both novices and experienced traders for its quick order execution, great trading conditions, and convenient copy trading options.

Pepperstone has relatively low fees, and there are almost no non-trading fees: the company doesn’t charge any commissions for deposits and withdrawals, and there’s no inactivity fee. The broker has a wide range of available assets: you can choose from all kinds of CFDs on indices, stocks, and so on as well as major currency pairs. But what about options? It seems you can’t access any Pepperstone options trading features because the broker doesn’t support this kind of financial instruments.

Other features

However, even the absence of options doesn’t make Pepperstone less popular. Novice traders seem to be especially interested in its copy trading features. The broker allows you to create a stable source of passive income by copying trades made by more experienced traders. It means you can make very profitable trades even without any substantial experience in trading. And the minimum deposit is just $200, so you can start with a small sum to learn how to do it.

The broker is equally attractive for active traders. They can use leverage rates of up to 1:400 for some assets, and the spreads on Razor accounts meant for professionals are quite low: the average spread for the EUR/USD pair is just 0.17 pips. That makes this account type perfect for scalpers. Finally, the broker has many educational materials for people who want to learn more about trading and technical analysis.

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