How To Submit An Article Without Getting Hacked Using Private Note

Authors are constantly being asked to submit their work to third-party platforms like GitHub, Medium, or LinkedIn. While these platforms have their own submission processes and guidelines, they all ultimately rely on the author’s original piece of work. If that article isn’t good enough to make the cut, chances are it won’t be accepted. This can lead to an avalanche of unedited manuscripts flooding those platforms; fast and frequent submissions are the perfect way to keep your articles coming but also get your name out there without going too far over the lines of good taste acceptable on the platform you use. 

Set Up A Fake Email Account

One of the most common ways to get yourself into trouble with online publications is to use a fake email account to submit pieces. Having a separate email account from the one you use to send submissions is a huge no-no. The email account you use to forward submissions to the publication should be separate from your email account with the email hosting service. 

If you need to set up an email account somewhere, consider using a service like Gmail or Outlook. You can use a free email account that comes with an account on the web hosting service like Gmail or While you should use the account you use to sign into your email account to send and receive emails, you should not use the same email account to send and receive submissions.

Hire Ghostwriters

One of the most expensive and time-consuming ways to get an article published online is via a ghostwritten piece. When an article is ghostwritten, the original author is replaced by a writer who has neither read nor witnessed the work. This practice is frowned upon by many in the publishing world as it gives rise to plagiarism and ghostwriting scams. 

If you’re looking for a quick and cheap way to get your work published, consider hiring a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter is a professional who has written articles for a number of publications and is therefore able to convincingly impersonate the original author. While you should use a professional service when possible, you can also try to find a friend or relative who is willing to write for free. The private note is a free service that allows you to set up a blog, create an online store, and much more without having to do any work whatsoever. All you have to do is create an email account with Privnota and you’re all set. There’s no hosting or coding involved whatsoever. Basically, it’s like a blog engine with a shopping cart interface.

Get Published Online

If you don’t have an article to start with, there are a few ways to get yourself listed online. The first is to just create a blog. This is the most passive way to get yourself listed online. You can simply publish articles and leave them up for hours on end, or publish short pieces to be shared on social media. Another way to get yourself listed online is to join an online publishing community. 

There are many such communities where you can find a lot of helpful information and support from other authors. One such group is WriteByDay. When joining a publishing community, be sure to introduce yourself and explain your goals and ideas. You can also join a Google groups such as G+ or LinkedIn groups. Click here to start sharing your work privately.


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