How to Create an Outdoor Dining Area

The outdoor living trend continues to be popular with homeowners. It gives people a way to extend their living space, take advantage of the outdoors and entertain guests while being surrounded by nature. If you want to create an outdoor dining area but aren’t sure where to get started, this guide will help. Here we’ll look at all the most important steps and considerations in the process.

Start with a Deck or Patio

The best place to start is by building a deck or patio that will act as the dining area. You need some sort of hard surface to set up the dining table and chairs so that everything stays level. It’s also more comfortable for you and your guests to be dining on a hard surface rather than in the middle of the grass, which can attract bugs.

When building your deck or patio it’s always a good tip to go as big as your backyard and budget will allow. You’ll always find ways to use the space and it’s better to have a deck that feels spacious than small and crowded. A professional deck-building service can work with you to design and build the deck, making sure your vision becomes a reality.

Choose the Right Sized Table

Another big feature in your outdoor dining plan should be the table and chairs. Again, you want to go with as big of a table as the space and budget will allow. If you plan on doing any entertaining, extra seating will be required. An oversized table is flexible in that you can place a few chairs around it and space out, or you can squeeze in much more if needed.

Any outdoor furniture you choose should be specifically for the outdoors so that it can hold up to various weather conditions. It should be UV resistant, low-maintenance, and easy to clean, and you need to make sure it won’t fade, crack or peel over time.

Create Shade for the Dining Area

While on the topic of the table and chairs, you may want to look for a table that can accommodate a parasol. This will give you and your guests shade, which can be desirable when enjoying a meal outdoors. If the table doesn’t have a spot for an umbrella, you can purchase a free-standing one and position it strategically. The nice thing about the freestanding umbrella is that you can move it around on the deck or patio, creating shade wherever you want, not just at the dining table.

Other shade options can include a pergola, a retractable awning or even screening.

Bring In Pops of Color and Interest

To finish off the dining area you can bring in pops of color and interest through décor pieces. This can include seat cushions, outdoor dishes, decorative planters with bright flowers, outdoor scented candles for the table and outdoor lighting that is functional and decorative.

Choosing to create an outdoor dining area may just be the best idea you have for your backyard. Chances are you’ll be thrilled with the results and use it even more than you expected.

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