How To Buy/Sell On Admiral Markets

Trading becomes more and more popular with each passing year, but one of the most crucial things in trading is finding a reliable broker with favorable conditions that suit your trading style. While there are many decent companies out there, Admiral Markets is one of the most well-known brokers, and many novice traders choose it as their first trading platform. However, you have to learn how to place orders before you can really start earning, and that’s why we’ve compiled a brief guide for you.

About Admiral Markets

Founded in 2001, Admiral Markets is considered a reliable broker with a well-earned reputation. While the broker is currently headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, it’s used by hundreds of thousands traders in many countries all over the world, especially in other European countries, Brazil, and the US. Admiral Markets is known to be heavily regulated by numerous national financial authorities, including FCA, so it’s very secure and transparent, and you can really trust it with your money.

The management of Admiral Markets knows that it’s very popular with novice traders, and that’s why it provides them with all kinds of learning materials on trading basics. There is also a friendly and useful 24/7 support service that’s ready to answer any questions. The trading conditions are quite favorable, too: the minimum deposit is $1, the leverage is up to 1:500, and you can choose from several trading platforms including MT4 and MT5.

The broker features many available assets to trade: about 40 Forex pairs, stocks, CFDs, indices, even a couple of cryptocurrencies. However, before you can start trading them with profit, you have to learn how to buy/sell on Admiral Markets, so let’s get to it.

Trading with the broker

Actually, trading with Admiral Markets is very easy. First, you need to create an account. Visit the main page of the website and sign up by entering information about yourself. You’ll also need to verify your identity to access all the features. Once you’ve created an account, make your first deposit, and then you’re ready to start trading. Enter the account, go to the trading tab, choose an asset you would like to trade, and enter the quantity. The system will process the transaction.

Once your transaction is finished, you can view all of your owned assets on the main dashboard. Just don’t forget to check out the fee structure before you start trading large quantities.

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