Finding the Best LASIK Eye Surgeons

Finding the best LASIK eye surgeons is a vital part of the process. A LASIK eye surgeon has years of experience in performing this procedure. This type of surgery requires a ten-year minimum of experience. While the process is highly effective and can change a person’s life, certain conditions can interfere with the success of this surgery. Below is a list of the most common risk factors for LASIK surgery.

lasik surgery New York can improve your vision. Compared to other vision correction procedures, LASIK is quick and does not hurt. Patients report that the procedure is virtually painless. The only sensation is the slight pressure that occurs as the blades cut the cornea. 

Most patients experience immediate results and complete recovery within two to six weeks. A recent survey revealed that 96% of LASIK patients are satisfied with their results. Most patients achieve 20/20 vision, though patients may need to continue using reading glasses. The procedure is highly effective and can improve age-related vision changes.

Check whether your LASIK eye surgeon has the stamp of approval of peers. Physicians who are certified by specialty boards have undergone rigorous testing. Most boards require that these physicians recertify every ten years. The recertification process involves examinations and review of practice patterns. The recertification process also requires minimum continuing medical education. You want your LASIK doctor to be certified by a board-certified organization.

LASIK surgery is also called ‘blade-free LASIK’. The procedure uses an advanced laser, the “Intralase,” to create a thinner, more precise flap. The laser uses a high-energy ultraviolet light to vaporize microscopic amounts of corneal tissue. This process takes less than a minute, but you may feel slight pressure. During the procedure, your LASIK eye surgeon may use an excimer laser to correct any irregularities in the inner cornea.

The choice of a LASIK eye surgeon should be based on several factors. The quality of education and training of a surgeon is an important factor. A doctor with more advanced training, more sophisticated technology and more experienced staff will produce better results. In addition, the surgeon’s training should include a formal fellowship. The more prestigious the institution, the better the quality of the doctor. Also, make sure that your LASIK eye surgeon has undergone specialized training in laser vision correction.

The LASIK procedure involves repositioning the flap, which will protect the eye during recovery. There are no stitches needed in this procedure, as the flap bonds to the cornea naturally. If your LASIK eye surgeon performs this procedure, you will enjoy 20/20 vision without the hassles associated with corrective lenses. Once you have the procedure, you can look forward to a new, free-looking life.

While LASIK eye surgery is FDA-approved for patients age 18 and older, most providers recommend waiting until the mid-20s before having the procedure. A patient’s eyesight changes throughout childhood and into early adulthood. Therefore, LASIK eye surgeons rarely perform the procedure on anyone younger than twenty-five. However, some surgeons will perform it on children with severe vision problems. There are also special considerations for military, law enforcement officers, and professional athletes.

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