Cleanliness, Security, and Fasten Up Your Computer WithCyberlab PC Cleaner

Trash files, registry difficulties, spyware, and monitoring trackers are just a few of the things that are slowing down your computer. CyberlabPC Cleaner will help you get back on the right track. Here are some of the facilities it provides:

In-depth optimizations breathe fresh life into your PC

Cyberlab PC Cleaning helps clean, protect, as well as accelerate your computer in ways that antivirus, as well as Windows, cannot. It’s also simple to use! Select yet another automated scan option. Alternatively, you can have it run slowly when your machine is inactive. All scans are completely customizable, allowing you to choose exactly what you want to delete. 

A fast tweak that can improve your computer and websites by up to 30%.

You may not realize it, but the applications that operate in the meantime are the ones that slow down your system. You can view what applications are slated to launch using Cyberlab’s Scheduler. Then, with a single click, you can deactivate, momentarily activate, or facilitate the feature. Using optimizer results in a 30 percent faster starting time, according to our tests.

Automated security and optimization

Whenever your PC is inactive, Cyberlab PC Cleaner runs upgrades, sanitizes, as well as tweaks up your database. Cyberlab goes away and leaves your platform is intended when users resume to your PC.

Your privacy is important

Your desktop or internet communications are never stored, shared, or collected by us. We also don’t keep track of your click of the mouse, private information, IP address, and any other information.

You could depend on these alerts to receive an update

The Cyberlab Entrepreneur Monitor notifies you of any additional background application functions. You’ll be given the choice of disabling or approving the feature. You can also opt to disable the Startup Monitoring.

There are updates incorporated!

Cyberlab, like a fine wine, improves with age. You’ll have the quickest downloads and also no interruption with 205 worldwide servers supplying the updates. Bug repairs, upgrades, and innovative devices are included in your quarterly software updates. In addition, we frequently use user questions and suggestions to aid in the development of future software versions. For maximum security, CyberlabPC Cleaner+ includes free daily spyware updates.

We will not stifle your progress

Did you guys know that if you have five Chrome browser tabs, you’re utilizing around 500MB of RAM or 31 times the resources of the Cyberlab PC Cleaning solution? That is correct. Only three features remain active in the software, which uses 0 Computational resources and about 16MB of RAM. You can also disable all active functionality to use no system resources. It’s just more approach to keep your computer running smoothly!


If you assume Microsoft or your malware detection will take care of all your cleaning and security needs, you’re mistaken. Cyberlab’s PC Cleaner in-depth optimization breathes fresh life into your PC. Windows Xp, 7, 8, 10, as well as 11 are supported. Both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms are supported. Compatibility with your security software as well as other programs. Programs, files, directories, and cookies that you want to keep aren’t deleted. There are no advertisements or software bundles. 

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