What is an IDEX? — review

IDEX is an emerging marketplace. It’s stable, and despite decentralization, it works fairly well and fast, but it’s not excellent. And although there are many excellent websites, there is still work to be done and creators only at the advent of this way, but the vector for improvement is selected correctly. The exchange uses a … Read more

Why do you need forex demo accounts?

Reading a lot of theories and attending webinars on dealing in the stock marketplace is one thing, and learning to apply all this in practice is quite another. In addition, your money is at risk. And if encountered investors assess all the possible risks, beginners are not always. Those who instantly open a real account … Read more

Best altcoins to buy — review

The altcoin is any e-currency inaugurated after Bitcoin. Completely plop, altcoins, already hundreds of variations, act as expanded opportunities for the vastly outstanding coin. They propose to users some explanations that the first cryptocurrency does not have. Most of the contemporary e-currencies can be associated with altcoins. After the accomplishment of Bitcoin, fanatics began to … Read more

8 Ways To Buy Crypto With Credit Cards

If you’re interested in buying cryptocurrency with credit cards, consider some important things before taking the plunge and making your first purchase.  While several reputable crypto exchanges allow you to do this, like Coinbase, there are plenty of scams out there waiting to relieve you of your money if you don’t do your research. So … Read more