ByBit Affiliate Program Overview

Just like any other crypto exchange, ByBit is interested in attracting new users to the platform. There’s a variety of methods to do that, but one of the most effective is opening an affiliate program, and ByBit actually has one, too. This program allows you to earn by referring other people to the exchange, and the exchange offers you all kinds of benefits to make that task even more rewarding. In this article, we explain how this program works on ByBit and how to start making money using it.

ByBit overview

ByBit is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world that specializes in crypto derivatives, a special kind of financial instruments based on crypto tokens as underlying assets. These trading tools are known to be extremely volatile and risky, but they can be very profitable for experienced traders. It is worth noting that ByBit allows you to trade them using leverage rates of up to 1:100, and there is no mandatory KYC process, but it’s still recommended to verify your identity to unlock additional features.

About the program

ByBit is known for its affiliate program with rather favorable conditions. Basically, its main function is to reward you for bringing new users to the platform. It doesn’t matter where you find them, just convince somebody to sign up for a ByBit account and reap your reward. However, the ByBit affiliate program is available only to registered partners of the exchange. If you want to become one, visit the website and apply for the program. The exchange will review your application and give you a special link to share.

How you can earn

Your special link is unique: that means people who follow it to the ByBit website get recorded, and you get a reward for each one of them. You can earn up to 30% in trading fees and receive a 10% reward for sub-affiliates, so the mechanism is simple: the more active traders you attract, the better. But make sure you attract legitimate traders with an intention to use the platform: passive users won’t bring you any money. If you do everything right, the program may bring you thousands of dollars a month.

Additional benefits

ByBit offers many additional benefits for its partners. For example, you can withdraw your money right on the same day while many other exchanges require up to a month to process payments. There are also detailed reports that allow you to analyze your referrals and increase your earnings further.

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