Best Forex No-deposit Bonus In Malaysia

Forex trading is extremely popular, especially in developing countries like Malaysia. Millions of people look for the best opportunities to trade, and numerous Forex brokers try to attract them with favorable conditions, low fees, or various bonuses for new users. No-deposit bonuses are very popular benefits that allow new users to start trading without actually investing any money. In this article, we tell you a bit about how these bonuses work and help you find the best brokers in Malaysia which offer them.

How no-deposit bonuses work

Many people in Malaysia want to try Forex trading, but some of them are afraid to invest real money in something they don’t understand. Forex brokers know about that and allow such people to try trading without spending anything at first: they give you a small sum to trade with, and such a welcoming gift is called a no-deposit bonus. Of course, you can’t instantly withdraw this sum, you can spend it only on trading. But if you are really interested in Forex trading, it can be really useful

How to find the best bonus

While many brokers provide no-deposit bonuses to their clients, each of them has its own conditions, so you should compare them carefully. Some of them attract you with high bonuses, but then you will have to put up with high fees or some unpleasant restrictions. That’s why we’ve arranged a list of the best brokers with a Forex no-deposit bonus in Malaysia for you to choose from.


A well-known online broker, RoboForex gives you a welcoming bonus of $30. However, you will have to deposit at least $10 to access that bonus. You can’t withdraw that bonus, but you can start taking your profits right after the first trade without any additional requirements, so it’s great for beginners.


This broker promises an impressive no-deposit bonus of $1.000, but here’s the catch: you will have to invest your own $1.000 first to get that bonus. The sum is quite large, but it’s a great offer for people who are serious about trading, and you can withdraw the bonus once you reach a certain volume.


Another popular broker, InstaForex offers an even greater no-deposit bonus: you get $2.000 once you sign up, and you don’t have to make any deposits to start using it. Of course, you can’t withdraw these funds right away, but it’s more than enough to learn the basics of Forex trading and start earning.

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