Best Credit Cards 2022: Top 3 Cards Compared

Credit cards are extremely useful banking products that allow you to borrow money from a bank when you need them without having to apply for a separate loan each time. These cards are convenient for making purchases, and banks usually reward you for using them actively. However, credit cards have different fees, interest rates, and other conditions, and choosing the right one may prove to be a hard task. In this article, we tell you about the top 3 credit cards selected by our experts.

How to choose a credit card

Some countries are more dependent on using credit cards than others: for example, every US citizen has borrowed money from a bank at least once, and about a half of the country uses credit cards all the time. Living on credit isn’t a bad thing, but you need to know how to choose the right card suitable for your demands. The key factors to consider are interest rate, issuance cost, annual fee for using it, and withdrawal fees. You also want to know about additional bonuses: they can be very beneficial.

However, you don’t have to dig into the market on your own. We’re going to tell you about all the best credit cards 2022 has to offer.

Wells Fargo Active Cash Card

This versatile credit card is a great mix of decent interest rates, low withdrawal fees, and great bonus options. The percentage rates start from about 17%, and withdrawals cost you just $5 or 5% of every transaction sum. Wells Fargo offers you a bonus of $200 if you spend at least $1.000 during the first three months of using the card, and you get a 2% cash back from every purchase. All in all, it’s great for people who’re looking for their first credit card.

Bank of America Travel Rewards Card

This credit card is tailored to suit people who often travel abroad: it doesn’t charge any additional fees for transactions outside of the country, and the interest rates start from about 16%. The withdrawal fee is just 10$ or 3% of each transaction sum, which is relatively low. The card doesn’t have an annual fee or any issuance payments. Moreover, you get to earn bonuses for payments: you can earn up to $250 in bonuses.

USAA Rewards American Express

With the APR starting from just 12%, this credit card is a great choice for all purposes, especially if the client drives a lot. You get a 5% cash back for every $3.000 spent on fuel, not to mention all the bonus options.

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